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While we love visitors, we request that any shop visits be scheduled in advance in order to ensure the most beneficial visit possible. Our shop is a bustling hub of activity, and we want to be certain that we are gracious hosts.

Please email us to schedule a visit.

3900 Magnolia St. Unit C

Denver, CO 80207


Hours: M-F: 10a - 4p | Sat & Sun: by appointment only

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Craftsmanship at its finest

Inspired by the clean and elegant design of mid-century, handmade American teardrop campers, Timberleaf Trailers combines vintage design and contemporary functionality seamlessly. Each trailer is built to order with optional features and customizable interiors. They feature steadfast, insulated aluminum exteriors to keep adventures warm even in colder seasons, a fully functioning galley with a custom-built cooler, and hand-detailed cabinets. These teardrops are made to last, designed to be simple, and built for adventure.

“We are proud to present a product that we are enthralled to make,” says Kevin Molick, Timberleaf’s founder. “After four decades of experience as a designer and a cabinetmaker, I decided to start making these trailers full-time to create something that would enable comfortable travel and outdoor adventures for others.”

Each trailer is built to order with optional features and customization interiors. They feature an integrated electrical system, 12-gallons of running water, and even a custom-built cooler. The LED lit galleys are made to function as a full kitchen with plenty of counter space, a built-in camp stove, and handmade cabinets and drawers. All of the trailers feature steadfast, insulated aluminum exteriors to keep adventurers warm even in the colder seasons. We have even included the biggest skylight built into any teardrop on the market to bring out the stargazer in everyone who spends the night in one of our trailers

Our team hand-crafts each trailer from scratch in our Denver, CO workshop. We collaborate with each of our customers to make sure every build is right. They are friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced.

Kevin says, “We build these because we believe that the road is rewarding—that adventure does not stay in only one location. We make these teardrops to open up new horizons, to allow you to bring comfort with you, and to help you make lifelong memories.”

Features and details aside, we make these teardrops to stand the test of time and to get you out into the wilderness. We designed them to be simple so they are part of your adventures, not something that hinders them. They’re durable, nimble, and ready to go wherever you go.