45 Liter Custom Wood Cooler w/ Countertop Lid

45 Liter Custom Wood Cooler w/ Countertop Lid


Hand-crafted Birch shell, finished with the same water-based finish as the cabinetry. Equal insulation and ice-retention as popular high-end coolers, 8"x16"x26" (DxWxL). Not available for the Pika Trailer. Requires additional purchase of pull out drawer.

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When we began building the trailers, our priority with the galley was to ensure that the counter height be the standard 36" as your average kitchen counter height. We quickly discovered that this limited our cooler options to virtually nothing. Shortly after discovering this we decided to craft our very own coolers to work in the space we have available.

Our custom-made 45-liter cooler features the same insulation values as leading cooler manufacturers on the market today, such as Yeti, Engel, and RTIC to name a few; but with one key difference: dimensions. We maintain the popular cooler capacity of 45-liters, but in a reduced height, and increased length and width. Not only does this allow our cooler to fit into our galley space, but it also allows you to keep your food organized with less stacking on top of your eggs!

The cooler is constructed of 100% Baltic Birch plywood, insulated with 2" of closed-cell foam, with a custom roto-molded plastic insert. It comes with a compliment of hand-picked details, such as chrome hardware, and leather handles.

To top it all off, we wanted to expand on the limited counter space that comes with the territory of a teardrop trailer, so we designed the cooler's lid to double as additional counter space when locked out at full extension. It's the perfect prep station!