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Classic teardrop styling, modern features, and quality crafstmanship.

Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer behind a Subaru Outback

Bringing you only the finest details, and quality craftsmanship that can only come from years of fine woodworking, we are proud to present to you a product that we are truly enthralled to create.

Quality at every turn. Meticulous details are what makes a Timberleaf trailer stand apart; and no detail goes unnoticed. Featuring a fully insulated cabin to keep the wind, heat, and cold at bay. Available in a multitude of colors with stead-fast enamel-baked aluminum siding, and clear anodized top, your trailer can be as unique as yourself.

Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer behind a Subaru Outback
Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer behind a Subaru Outback

Weighing in at 1400 pounds dry, and a 140 pound tongue weight with optional accessories, this featherweight trailer tows like a dream, you'll hardly even know it's there.

Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer
Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer behind a Subaru Outback
Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer
Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer behind a Subaru Outback

Backcountry Gourmet at your fingertips.

No one ever said that off-grid had to mean freeze dried meals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and uninteresting meals. Leave the uninteresting and bland camp meals at home, and cook to your hearts desire in our spacious galley, equipped with a sink, faucet, LED lighting, and with optional stove and custom-made cooler; you'll be a backcountry chef in no time. Details like our more than fifty stunning retro-inspired durable laminate counter top options, classic aluminum edging, and sliding bypass doors, mean that everything is in reach, and easy to clean. 

Teardrop Trailer Fully Equipped Galley, complete with sink, stove, and custom cooler.

In order to achieve the counter height and feel we wanted, a traditional cooler wasn't an option. We're proud to introduce to you, our hand-made custom cooler. With the same ice-retention as the leading brands, but dimensions to match our specific requirements, perfectly mated to our 100% Baltic Birch drawer is our Birch cooler. 

With details rarely seen, such as genuine leather handles, beautifully finished birch, and dovetail joinery, this cooler is built to last, and to impress all who encounter it.

Teardrop trailer with custom-made cooler.
Custom made cooler for teardrop trailer.
Custom made cooler for teardrop trailer.
Custom made cooler for teardrop trailer.
Take your teardrop camping to a new level with an integrated stove for off-grid gourmet.
Fully equipped galley in our teardrop trailer allows off-grid gourmet.
Wide open spaces with access to everything you need in our teardrop trailer.
Two overhead LED lights are standard for late-night cooking in our teardrop trailer.

Bring the comforts of home to the outdoors.

Outfitted with one of the largest skylights of any teardrop in the industry, the cabin feels spacious and open. With customized storage cubbies behind the headboard, and a shelf for storage above. Our gorgeous natural wood folding shelves on either side of the cabin are there when you want them, and stashed away when you don't. In addition to this, we've created an array of cabinets above the footwell, you'll have plenty of space to store all of your essentials, and then some!

We've fully insulated the cabin, every surface has been insulated with one-inch thick foam, locked between two layers of Birch plywood, the cold winter air will be kept at bay while you and yours will be warm and cozy inside our spacious cabin.

Our mattress is a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress - the same length as a standard queen mattress, only 3" narrower to fit our trailer perfectly! Standard with a four-inch-thick dual-density foam mattress, and available upgrade to memory foam, you'll be more at home in your trailer than your own bed. Rest up, adventures await.

Colorado Queen mattress is standard in every teardrop trailer we sell. 80 inches by 56 inches wide.
Spacious interior makes our teardrop trailer your home away from home.
Optional interior folding shelves are hand-made and add to the many features that set our teardrop trailer apart.
One of the largest skylights in the industry lets you see the stars as you sleep, and adds to the spacious feeling inside the teardrop trailer.