Kevin personally walked us through the entire process from ordering to construction and then pick-up/delivery. He talked us through all the options and ensured that our Timberleaf was built for us with the options that were right for us. When we went to Denver to pick up the finished trailer, we met the guys that built it, walked through the shop, and got a first hand look at the operation. Very cool experience start to finish.

There are many specific reasons the galley is the best but what it really comes down to is form meeting function. Storage, workspace layout, component selection and placement (even the location and beam direction of the overhead lights) - it all comes together in the galley. It's a great functional space with plenty of room for two people to work together to prepare a meal while enjoying a bottle of wine if you're into that kind of thing - and we definitely are.

We've only had it for two months but so far I would say our maiden voyage; our trip to Denver to pick up our Timberleaf has been the best "adventure" so far. Over the course of 2 weeks we traveled through 5 states and visited and stayed in 4 national and state parks along the way. We encountered an unexpected winter storm and found out just how capable our Timberleaf is in 12 degree weather.

- Lance & Katie


There are a lot of people making teardrops and I did a great deal of comparison research; Timberleaf has by far the best design and craftsmanship in my opinion. Every detail is well thought out. The integrity of Kevin and the company is an added bonus!

I do not have a single favorite feature! But if pushed for one I think the partnership with Rhino Rack would be a top pick, along with the galley, interior, size,and off road capability.

I picked it up mid September and followed Yale football around for the entire Football Season!! It was awesome! I got to visit historical locations all over the Northeast. Saw the North Bridge, Cap Cod, New York, Boston, Mystic ship yards, a Sub Base where the Nautilus is (I was shocked at how small it is!) and home for Thanksgiving! I have been on two trips since and leaving one week from today to go the Colorado for a week!

- Craig


We took many great trips over the weekend in Colorado and then a week long trip over Thanksgiving to Palm Springs and back to Denver. Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree all incredible!

[The trailer is] worth it! It's a fair value and has provided many happy memories and hours of enjoyment.


We had been wanting a teardrop for a while. I saw Timberleaf on Instagram, followed a trail from the people who made the trailers, and went to see them. We live in Denver and the fact that these were made locally was a big plus for us, we like to sustain local enterprise.

We had an idea of what we wanted, and could see the time and effort that Timberleaf had put into the design and build and this was important to us. The finish details on the kitchen and the cabinets inside showed craftsmen who take great pride in their work.

Our favorites are definitely the queen length bed as my husband is 6'2". Also the double doors and windows were important for access and air flow, the aesthetic of the sky light and all the lovely extras.

Scott and I packed up as much as we thought we could carry and headed off in July 2016 for a five week road trip. We went to Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Jasper and Crater Lake national parks, as well as Vancouver Island and the west coast of Washington and Oregon States. My husband did an amazing job booking camp sites and the trailer is so maneuverable we hardly knew we were towing it most of the time. As we went north in Wyoming, we hit a bit of high wind, but the trailer handled very well. My friends teased me and put down bets that we would end up in a hotel for part of it, but the bed was so comfortable we never had to find alternative accommodations.

Don't wait, go for it. We waited two years being very indecisive and I was so glad we found Timberleaf on our own doorstep.

Kevin and the build team were an absolute joy to work with and even allowed us to come visit our trailer while it was being built. Kevin explained all the different things they did and showed us trailers at various stages of build and it was very exciting to be able to see it come together. Kevin is open to suggestions and loves to collaborate with his customers, anything to make our experience better!

- Orla & Scott