There has been a SCAM running using our product images.

Just $169 Today & Free Shipping | 2019 Best A Light And Compact Campe

No, I didn’t forget the R in camper, this is how the Taiwanese companies (such as Wincity, owijeffnh, etc) have been ripping people off with our imagery. Have you seen an ad for a trailer around $150-$250? Many of us have, and it’s a scam being run by someone who has stolen our photos from our website and removing our logos. Most of the ads are marketing the trailer as $169 (down from $999 for TODAY ONLY). Truth is, there’s no deliverables from these websites, just empty promises and zero accountability. We have no idea who they are, but they are persistent.

Please be aware that this is a scam and we are doing everything we can to bring it to an end.

We are in no way affiliated with these scammers.

They seem to be running ads on Facebook and Instagram, we have not heard of ads on other platforms, but we implore you to help spread awareness if you see these ads so no one falls for the scam. If you see the ad, please click on the in the upper right corner of the ad and report it to Facebook as fraud.

Many of their ads look like the following:

👏👏It is very light! Easy to carry, and the space is large,✈✈ the kitchen is large enough,✈✈ the big bed is very suitable for travel, camping, hunting, outdoor entertainment and so on. Don't miss it😘😘

These websites are directly copying text from articles written about us from our early days, word for word they are pulling the content from the article, and using pictures found throughout our website. Here is a paragraph pulled directly from their website:

There are many reasons why falling in love with teardrop campers is so easy to do. The old-timey style is but one of the iconic features that make teardrop trailers so magical. Their comfortable sleeping quarters, as well as their functional and beautiful rear galley kitchens are a couple more reasons. Throw in the fact that they are easy to tow, lightweight, and have a multitude of custom option possibilities including off-road versions and it is no wonder why so many people are catching the teardrop fever.
Lightweight (under 1200 pounds)
Easy to tow with an SUV or Crossover
Affordable way to get outdoors with your family

Huge thanks to Gear Junkie for the coverage of this issue, their article can be seen: here.

If you have bought one of these $169 campers please contact your bank or credit card company immediately to file a dispute.

  • Screenshot your transaction receipts

  • Screenshot your bank statement for the charge

  • Keep a close eye on your bank account of additional charges that you did not authorize

  • File a complaint with the FBI’s IC3 Internet Crime Complaint Center (link)

  • File a complaint with the FTC (link)

Below are some screenshots of the websites, as well as one of the Facebook ads we have seen.