Compact, yet spacious.

Compact and spacious, rarely do such words work so well together. Our Pika's cabin is built around a double size mattress, slightly more compact than our Classic, at 54" wide, the Pika comfortably sleeps two in its cozy cabin. Differing from the Classic, which features a headboard with sliding bypass doors for storage, and a full-width cabinet above your feet, in order to maintain the spacious feel inside, we strayed from our tradition and introduce a series of stretch-netting cargo storage locations - one on either side of the mattress by the doors, and a larger one above the foot of the bed. We have also included a pair of USB ports and GFI outlet at the foot of the bed.


The cabin is illuminated by three LED lamps, two reading lamps above the head of the bed, and a dome lamp toward the foot of the bed. All of our cabin LED lights are a warm white, which adds to the warm inviting feeling of our trailer.

For ventilation, we offer two Maxxair fan options; the base package includes a 4-speed exhaust fan with manual-opening lid; while the upgrade is a 10-speed thermostatically controlled fan, with intake and exhaust, and rain sensor.


With the smaller size, our biggest hurdle was maintaining the spacious and luxurious feel of the interior of the cabin, without eliminating storage entirely. The Pika features a large overhead skylight, two sliding windows, and two doors with sliding windows. This allows for an unparalleled feeling of openness, with a minimal feeling of claustrophobia.