Ordering process

We do our best to keep our ordering process straight forward and as complication-free as we can. We ask that you download and fill out one of the order forms here, they contain pricing for all of our core options and accessories, and will calculate the price for you. Once you have filled out the form, please save it and email it to us at sales@timberleaftrailers.com, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to discuss all the details. From there, we require a deposit of 50% for all orders, and the remaining 50% upon completion. Sales tax is collected by your municipality upon registration.


Classic vs. Pika, what's the difference?

The Classic is our designation for the original teardrop that we have been building for over two and a half years now, with features such as a 5'x10' frame, Colorado Queen mattress, fully insulated cabin, cabin cabinet and headboard storage, larger galley with sink, water supply tank, space for a 52qt cooler, and space for a slide-out stove; the Classic is a larger, more spacious model. The Pika, our newest offering, is designed to be as compact as possible, without sacrificing quality. In order to obtain the smaller size, but maximize the available space and keep the price point more affordable, we went from a torsion-box style fully insulated wall structure to a thicker single-layer Baltic Birch plywood wall, which saves significant time and materials cost over an insulated wall, while maintaining structural rigidity. The reduced square footage also left us with a debate of what to do about storage, the longer Classic model allows ample in-cabin storage without sacrificing the roomy feel, but in order to continue that with the Pika, the available space to sit up and relax inside became uncomfortably tight, and eliminated the ability to have two side windows. In addition, the sink and plumbing, and underbody storage box were all costly and space-consuming additions that we feel a more compact model trailer may not require. Our goals with the design of the Pika are to maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship and construction that we have become known for, while keeping the open and comfortable feeling to the cabin - two windows, two doors, and our signature large curved skylight were all key components to include.


May I visit your location?

Absolutely! But we request that all visits be scheduled in advance to ensure that we are here to give you a proper tour of our facility, and to ensure that your visit is as beneficial as possible. Please call us or email us, at 970-778-3744 or hello@timberleaftrailers.com to schedule a visit.


Do you have dealers?

We do not have dealers, nor a dealer network. We are a manufacturer-direct company and do not foresee expanding to a dealer network. We love the opportunity to meet and get to know each of our customers personally and take the time to develop a relationship as we build your dream teardrop to last you a lifetime.


What is your warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty to the original owner on all Timberleaf-made components, including the frame, body, cabinetry, etc. One year on plumbing and electrical components. Many of our products, including the water pump, roof racks, tires, etc., include their own manufacturers warranty. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, road or trail damage, neglect, or misuse. We will strive to support you to the best of our abilities outside of the warranty, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you rent trailers?

Yes! Please see the “rent” tab at the top of our website.


Do you have any used trailers for sale?

We do not currently have any used trailers available. We periodically will have a show model available, which will be listed on our website and social media pages.


Is my vehicle able to tow your trailer?

Possibly! Many vehicles from the factory are ready to tow our trailer. We recommend that your vehicle have at least a 2,000lb towing capacity for the Classic, and 1500lb capacity for the Pika, and a hitch rated accordingly. Our trailers are equipped with a standard 7-pin flat RV connection. Please be sure that your vehicle has the correct wiring necessary before picking up your trailer, we are unable to modify your vehicle's wiring.


What is your lead time? When can I expect my trailer to be completed?

Our current lead time estimate is 4-5 months for new orders due to demand. We strive to maintain a very high standard of quality and do not wish to rush the production of trailers and risk releasing a sub-par product into the wild. We ask for your patience during the waiting period, and appreciate your support. We cannot guarantee a completion date for your trailer; we do our best to move the trailer through production as expediently as possible, but there are many possible delays that are out of our control. We strongly recommend that you do not schedule any travel plans with your trailer until your trailer is completed. 


Can my wheels and tires be matched to my tow vehicle?

Yes! Well, nearly always. We can accommodate most standard bolt patterns on our trailers. Whether you provide the wheels and tires, or we do, additional costs may be incurred to fit your wheels to the trailer axles. Trailer hubs and vehicle hubs are very different, and often times OEM wheels or aftermarket wheels do not bolt directly to trailer spindles. Please contact us for more information.