We are moving!

Timberleaf Trailers is Moving


With two years of steady and rapid growth, we wish to continue to expand and grow our business to meet the ever-increasing demand for our hand-crafted teardrop trailers. It has become a commonly known fact that Denver's real estate market is a hot commodity, and commercial shop space is no exception. Finding suitable shop space in the Metro Area that will allow us to grow has proven challenging.

We turned our eyes to other locations; Salida, Grand Junction, etc. Thinking, where else in Colorado was industrial enough to support our needs for fabrication and finishing, but would provide the location and environment that's well suited to nearby camping and adventures.


While many of our sales are within the Denver area, we have discovered that the majority of our sales are spread throughout the lower 48. This allowed us to broaden our search for potential future locations outside of the greater Denver area. Our priorities for the selection are:

  • Access to supplies, whether shipping or local, it has to be an industrious enough location that shipping in and out is readily available without an increase in costs.
  • Nearby access to airport for out-of-state visitors, a connection flight from Denver or Salt Lake into Grand Junction is a short flight of under an hour.
  • Commercial real estate market that allows us to expand production and volume without incurring dramatic price increases that would come with larger shop spaces in the Denver area.
  • Close to the outdoor activities that drive our passion!

As the 2018 season approaches, we have been gearing up for our busiest year yet, with orders coming in almost daily; we are ecstatic to be working on our first-ever teardrop trailer rentals! We hope to launch our rental program in the early summer, and our new shop space includes a large storage yard which will allow us to safely store the rental trailers.


Our new shop will be under a two-hour drive to Moab, the adventure capitol of Utah's desert country, under an hour from the Colorado National Monument, Grand Mesa National Forest, and the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. The Grand Valley is truly at the center of a vast array of stunning scenery and activities.

The new Timberleaf Trailers shop will be located at 507 Fruitvale Ct, Grand Junction 81504. We expect to be moved in to our new location by March 15th, 2018. Please contact us with any questions or concerns!