• R-11 Insulated ceiling

  • .040 clear anodized aluminum roof

  • .040 custom painted aluminum sides

  • Maxxair cabin vent fan

  • Seven 12v. LED lights; two porch, two galley, three cabin

  • Running lights

  • Baltic Birch plywood on all exposed surfaces

  • Cabin cargo storage stretch netting

  • Two 14" x 16" venting windows with screens

  • Two 26" x 39" doors with vented windows

  • Large tinted polycarbonite skylight

  • Pull down shades on skylight

  • Double Mattress - 4" foam

  • 21" x 54" countertop surface


  • Retro laminate countertop, standard

  • Power Center; manages all the 110V power, converter and 12V battery power

  • 100 amp-hour deep cell marine battery

  • Six USB power outlets

  • Two 110v GFCI outlets

  • One general 12v charger

  • Galley cabinets with sliding doors and lower storage

  • All wood finished in low VOC acrylic Polyuerathane

  • Rear hatch with 2 hydraulic gas props

  • 205/75r15 spare tire


Our base package features many highly sought-after features, and will allow you to get into the wonderful world of adventure trailering at an affordable price, while not weighing you down with additional features you may not want or need. We have taken our time to refine our base features, and are happy to present our product to you. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Additional upgrades are available, please see a detailed list of our additional features and pricing here.

We are proud to bring you our base model teardrop trailer for the affordable price of $12,800


Pricing and features are subject to change. We strive to provide the best possible product, and are not willing to sacrifice quality for a lower price.