Owner’s Campout 2019 Poll

After a very successful first and second annual fall Timberleaf Owner’s Campout in 2017 and even bigger in 2018, we’re beginning our planning for the 2019 edition. Last year we filled our campsite outside of Aspen, Colorado nearly to capacity with 10 trailers! We want to select the best possible location for this year’s event, and want to ask you for your opinion!

The site we used last year was absolutely gorgeous, and in mid-September, was full of beautiful yellow aspen trees. The space is about 40 minutes outside of Basalt, which is south of Glenwood Springs. We estimate a maximum capacity of 12 trailers, so this poll serves to gauge interest in attending for 2019 — if we exceed 12 interested parties we will have to either cap the event, or consider a different location. Activities available at the Chapman Campground area are hiking and lake/stream fishing, as well as possible non-motorized boating on the nearby lake.

There are several group and dispersed camping opportunities that I would love to share with all of you in Moab, which would be best suited for a mid-October date for cooler temperatures in the desert sun. Options for group size in Moab are much more forgiving, as space is (nearly) limitless. We have a few potential sites in mind, both reservation-based group campsites, and BLM dispersed camping for as many as 25 trailers. Activity options in Moab are quite literally limitless; drive to Canyonlands, Arches, or Bears Ears, kayaking or paddleboarding on the Colorado River, limitless mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and 4-wheeling.

In the past, most of our participants have been Colorado-based, and so a central-Colorado location made more sense. However, with our expanding customer base nationwide, and with the potential for larger group sizes, we are considering Moab as an option. Please take a moment to weigh in below.

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Campout Locations
Moab Mid-October
Colorado High Country (Near Aspen) Mid-September
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