We are working on providing a fun first-annual Timberleaf Trailers Owner's Campout, and want to make sure that we don't exclude anyone with our BBQ plans. If you would, please fill out the form below to help make sure we can accommodate any allergies or dietary preferences to the best of our abilities. Once done, click the "Let's Camp!" button and we'll have everything that we need of you!

As a friendly reminder, the campout is located at the Kenosha Pass Campground (on the west side of the pass, tucked peacefully away behind trees), beginning on Friday August 11th at 4PM, and ending Sunday August 13th at 11AM. We will be hosting a BBQ and providing food and drink Saturday night.

Located within 1/4 mile of our campsites is the infamous Colorado Trail, which extends from Denver to Durango to cover 486 miles, and anywhere from 13,238' above sea level, down to 5,506' above sea level. With the trail so close, mountain biking, hiking, running, and nearby waterways allow for kayaking and canoeing, you're sure to have a good time in our favorite part of Colorado!

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